10 Storage Ideas To Keep Your Beauty Products Organized

Makeup Organization

Did you know that 67% of consumers use makeup products in their daily lives? This growing statistic is evidence of how large the cosmetic industry is today. Yet, many makeup fanatics have no idea how to organize their products to optimize space and product life.

Luckily, it’s very easy to organize a makeup collection with cosmetic boxes! So if you want to learn more about cosmetic boxes, then keep reading this article

1. Cut Down on Consumption

One of the best storage solutions for beauty products is to cut down on consumption. This can be hard to hear especially for those who love buying the latest beauty products. 

However, having an ever-revolving makeup collection can make it impossible to organize the products. So cutting down on consumption and only getting products when they are highly needed will make organizing very easy.

2. Clear Out Old Makeup

Everyone has products in their collection that are old and expired. So before investing money into makeup organizers, it’s best to clear out the collection of any unwanted products. Doing so will make it easier to store more relevant products in their appropriate spot.

This step should be completed every 6 months to a year since makeup products usually have 8 months of life storage.

A good way to know if a makeup product is expired is by checking the label on the pacing. Usually, this label will have a timestamp (8m). Therefore, after 8 months the product will need to be thrown out.

3. Invest in Cosmetic Boxes

Cosmetic boxes are the easiest way to organize a makeup collection. They can come in many different forms, sizes, and colors. For example, there are clear makeup boxes that allow the user to see the products from every angle.

There are also industrial storage boxes for makeup. These kinds of storage boxes are best for those who sell and manufacture makeup. Lastly, there are vanity-based makeup boxes. These kinds of boxes are great for those who like to enhance their makeup area while also having optimum storage space.

4. Organize Based on Products 

Getting started on the organization process can feel overwhelming. Therefore, during the process, it’s best to lay out all the products. 

They should then be sorted into different groups. For example, all mascaras should be in a unified group and so on. Once all the products are grouped together, then it will be easier to start storing them.

5. Label Drawers

Storage solutions can be as simple as creating labels. This step alone can make it easier to find certain makeup products. Not to mention, there will be less chaos when doing makeup because there won’t be a need to raffle through every makeup box to find one product.

So creating labels can help you stay organized even after doing a heavy makeup look. This step is very easy especially if everything is already organized by product. 

6. Put the Most Used Products in a Main Box

Every makeup lover has those products that they use on a regular basis. And even though organizing them into cosmetic boxes can help, it’s best to give these products some extra attention.

Therefore, pick out those products that you use every day and place them inside a main cosmetic box. This cosmetic box should be front and center for easier and fast access. Doing so will also cause less chaos when getting ready and will cut down the makeup application time.

7. Have a Designated Makeup Spot

When doing makeup, it’s always best to have a designated spot or room. Oftentimes, doing makeup in the car or different rooms can lead to lost products and disorganization.

So when picking a makeup spot, ensure that it has good lighting, ample space, and a good layout for the makeup products. 

8. Invest in Makeup Vanities 

Cosmetic boxes and makeup vanities go hand in hand. Sometimes cosmetic boxes can only go so far. Therefore, a makeup vanity can help hold cosmetic boxes and also optimize space.

So if a makeup collection is getting out of hand, a vanity can help secure all the products in one place while still looking chic. Lastly, a makeup vanity can also cause less stress when getting ready because every item is in one place.

9. Use Portable Cosmetic Boxes

Many people who own large makeup collections do professional makeup on clients. Therefore, it can be hard to keep everything organized, especially when traveling.

The best way to combat this issue is by using portable cosmetic boxes. These kinds of storage boxes are heavy duty which means they can protect products from breaking. Not to mention, some storage boxes can come with locks to prevent theft during traveling.

10. Don’t Store Non-Makeup Products with Your Makeup

Oftentimes people will store their deodorant, nail polish, lotions, and perfumes, with their makeup. However, it’s best to have these products in their own space, even if they are beauty-related.

Not to mention, these products have their own storage life and necessities. Therefore, storing them with makeup can cause them to dry out or go bad. So it’s best to read about the storage solutions for these specific products and store them according to these instructions.

Storage Solutions Made Easy

Investing in cosmetic boxes can help keep makeup products organized. However, following the other storage tips will ultimately keep a makeup collection organized for a longer period of time. So don’t forget to follow these tips so you can have the best makeup collection.

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This article was last updated on May 6, 2022 .

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