Puracy Organic Hand & Body Lotion Review

Puracy Organic Hand & Body Lotion

Finding a great natural and organic hand and body lotion can feel like a challenging feat. Much of the time, organic hand and body lotions can leave a lot to be desired. However, there are so many great options out there as well. All you have to do is know where to look and perhaps be willing to try a few options until you find your favorite lotion!

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The good news is, you have come to the right place and do not have to look any further for the perfect organic hand and body lotion. Puracy organic hand and body lotion is the only moisturizer you will need if you are looking for a safe, natural, gentle, and fragrance-free option that is great for all skin types.

Puracy Brand

The Puracy brand has been featured of large reputable news sites and shows all over the country. From ABC to CBS, they are a trusted and reputable company that so many people love and adore. The Puracy brand only makes plant-derived products, never uses any harsh chemicals, and has been developed by a team of doctors. This ensures a high-quality product that also truly works!

Let us now take a closer look at their fragrance-free hand and body lotion!


Puracy Organic Hand & Body Lotion Ingredients

This organic hand and body lotion are organic, non-GMO, and free of all dangerous and harsh chemicals. Their formula is 99.95% natural and uses over 70% organic ingredients to ensure high-quality lotion. The lotion is plant-based, hypoallergenic, fully biodegradable, and never contains any of the following ingredients:

  • Silicones
  • Parabens
  • Dyes
  • Fragrances
  • Phthalates
  • Formaldehyde
  • PEGs
  • Petrochemicals
  • Nut-based ingredients
  • Animal products

It is also vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free meaning it is never tested on animals.

What we really love about this formula is the fact it is lightweight and non-greasy when you rub it into your skin. When it comes out of the pump it looks and feels super thick, rich, and creamy, but once it is rubbed into the skin it absorbs quickly and leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky soft. There is nothing worse than using a body or hand lotion that is super greasy and sticky.

All you want to do is wash it right off if it leaves your skin feeling slimy and dirty. Their formula for this lotion ensures proper hydration but without the heavy feeling. You can use it multiple times per day and it is perfect for using on the whole family, even babies and small children who tend to have extremely sensitive skin.

Puracy Organic Hand & Body Lotion Directions

The formula contains shea butter and vitamin E, which are ingredients that are known for their moisturizing and skin nourishing capabilities. They leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. The convenient pump bottle makes using the lotion and storing the lotion super easy.

You can dispense the exact amount of lotion you need from the bottle without fear of taking too much product at once. You can also lock the pump, so it is easy to travel with and won’t explore all over your luggage when traveling!

Puracy Organic Hand & Body Lotion Application

We also love the fact their hand and body lotion are made in the USA. This ensures the quality of the ingredients are top-notch and sneaky ingredients are not being added to the formula. They have also added clinical-grade vitamins to their lotion to make sure your skin is getting the vitamins, minerals, and nourishment it needs to not only look healthy but keep your skin strong and resilient.

Overall, Puracy makes high-quality doctor-made skincare products that so many families and individuals love and trust. Their hand and body lotion are no exception to this rule and we firmly believe you will love this natural and organic lotion once you give it a shot. The great news is if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase or the lotion does not work for you, they have a 100% satisfaction policy and you can return the product for your money back.

In the end, this non-greasy, lightweight, and fragrance-free formula is quickly going to become your go-to hand and body lotion! If you try out this product, let us know if you love it just as much as we do.

This article was last updated on July 10, 2022 .

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