Does Natural Deodorant Work? The Answer May Surprise You


So, you have tried natural deodorant for a week or two and you are less than satisfied with the results. You feel like you are sweating and smelling more than ever before. It has to be the new natural deodorant not doing its job, right?

Thinking the natural deodorant is the issue you will probably either try a different brand with the same results or simply give up and go back to your conventional antiperspirant.

The truth is, all of those natural deodorants you are trying are not the issue. Natural deodorants that are aluminum-free are not why you are sweating more and smell.

Natural and organic deodorants do indeed work, but you must give them time and you need to allow your body to adjust to this new kind product.

In this article, we will explore why your natural deodorant may not work at first, what you have to do to get to the point it does work, and what you can expect when that natural and organic deodorant does indeed do its job.

Why is my Natural Deodorant Not Working?

As we stated above, your natural deodorant is not broken. Your body is detoxing and purging, hence the excess sweat and stink from your underarms. When you switch to a natural formula, the goal of natural deodorant is not meant to clog the sweat glands in your armpits like the goal of a conventional antiperspirant it.

Rather, the natural deodorant is meant to absorb some excess sweat, block odor-producing bacteria from forming, and neutralize smell in a natural way.

When you stop using conventional deodorant, you are no longer clogging your pores with aluminum and other chemicals, which literally clog the pores, so you cannot sweat under your pits. This keeps the sweat, toxins, bacteria, and other junk in your body and your body rarely ever has a chance to expel these toxins.

Therefore, when you cease use of an antiperspirant, your body is desperate to detox and purge all of these built up toxins. This process makes you sweat much more than usual, can cause lots of odor-producing bacteria to purge, and you feel like your natural deodorant is making matter worse than ever before.

But this process is exactly what you want to happen. Once your body is able to expel these toxins, your body and pits will stabilize. You will sweat less, smell less, and feel much happier! You need to get through this unpleasant process to reap the benefits of your new natural deodorant because it will work if you give it the necessary time.

How to Make Your Natural Deodorant Work

It is simple to get your natural deodorant to work. You just need to stick with it and give it time. Once you start your new natural deodorant, apply it every morning as usual. Even if you sweat and smell a bit, do not feel tempted to use your antiperspirant in combination.

You can reapply your natural deodorant during the day to help with any smell that might creep up on your during the day. It is also a good idea to reapply if you are going somewhere warm, are going to work out, take a walk, etc. this will help you stay a bit drier and less stinky as well.

If you feel like you are having a difficult time dealing with the smell for the time it takes your body to adjust, you can dap essential oils under your arms to help neutralize the odor. Lavender is the best option because it is gentle and will likely not irritate your skin.

If you have sensitive skin, either dilute the lavender oil, in a carrier oil, use it as a natural lavender deodorant or do not use at all. If you are sweating excessively and cannot deal with the sweat for this transition period, you can opt to buy armpit liner for your shirts to sop up the excess sweat and keep your shirts free of sweat stains.

What to Expect When Your Natural Deodorant Does Work

Typically, after three to five weeks, your body will self-regulate and adjust to the deodorant. At this point, you will be sweating and smelling less. Some people even find they do not need to wear deodorant every day because their body has learned it doesn’t need to sweat profusely in fear it won’t be able to purge for an extended period of time!

On the other hand, this is not the case for everyone. Some people sweat more and will need to use their natural deodorant on a daily basis, which is normal and fine.

Many people will still continue to sweat a bit with their natural deodorant. Natural deodorant is not made to stop you from sweating completely. It is designed to keep odors controlled and to control some sweating, but not stop it. Sweating from your pits is a good thing – it is your body’s way of purging toxins. So, use that natural deodorant, but don’t expect it to work exactly like a conventional antiperspirant.

This article was last updated on May 6, 2022 .

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