Why Aluminum in Deodorant is so Dangerous

Why Aluminum in Deodorant is so Dangerous

By now, you have probably heard about the dangers associated with aluminum and why you should avoid it, especially in antiperspirants. There have been possible links to breast cancer, reproductive issues, skin irritation, and much more.

But are your curious about what aluminum actually is, the dangers associated with it, and why you definitely should avoid antiperspirants with this harmful metal?

If so, you have come to the right place! We will explore all of these questions and attempt to answer them as clearly as possible. Plus, we will give you some great aluminum-free deodorant alternatives that are safe, effective, and healthy.

What is Aluminum?

Aluminium = Bad

Aluminum is a metal. Aluminum is in many things, even if you are not aware. We most commonly associate aluminum in our everyday lives with aluminum foil, often used in cooking. Aluminum is also commonly found in paint, medications, vaccines, and other household items.

Aluminum is also found in items like baking powder, artificial food dyes, and anti-caking agents often found in products like pre-shredded cheese, so the cheese shreds do not stick together.

Of course, aluminum is also used in many beauty products, most often makeup and antiperspirants.

What Are the Dangers of Aluminum?

Aluminum Deodorant Dangerous

Although many studies and sources claim that aluminum is safe in these items and it is not a threat to human health, other studies and researchers believe the opposite.

A study on breast cancer in 2009 showed there is a possible link associated with aluminum in antiperspirants and the development of breast cancer. Since this product is placed so close to the breast nearly every day, this repeated exposure to the metal for such extended amounts of time is likely unsafe and further testing must be done. Other studies that claim aluminum is of no threat have failed to consider how long-term exposure effects the human body, particularly the human breast.

Aluminum exposure at a consistent level is also linked to Alzheimer’s Disease, possible reproductive issues with very high levels of exposure, oxidative damage, and other forms of cancer.

More specifically, Aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex glycine is the type of aluminum companies use in antiperspirants. This ingredient is prohibited and restricted in cosmetics and other beauty products in Canada and Europe. One has to wonder why two other major world powers have banned and restricted this ingredient in personal care items, yet the US still continues unrestricted use in antiperspirants, makeup, etc.

Since there are health risks associated with this ingredient and much of the effect on the human body is largely undetermined after long-term exposure, it is best to avoid at all costs. This is particularly true with antiperspirants since the product is applied every day, so close to the breasts, and is believed to play a role in the development of some breast cancers. You only have one body and risking your breast health simply to sweat less is likely no worth it. Plus, there are so many wonderful natural and organic deodorants on the market that work and are much safer.

What to Use Instead?

Lucky for you, there are tons of great organic and natural deodorants on the market these days. With the increasing fear and dangers surrounding aluminum in antiperspirants and other products, tons and tons of healthier options are popping up everywhere.

If you don’t have the time to make your own deodorant spray or deodorant stick, you can find some of the best natural and organic deodorants on the market that actually work, here.

If you have the time, making your own deodorant at home is fast, easy, fun, and you know exactly what you are putting into it. You have full control over what ingredients go in and how high-quality the ingredients are as well. You can also play with the recipe and tweak the ingredients to make a customized deodorant that truly works for you. Perhaps you need a bit more baking soda to control sweating or maybe more fragrant essential oils are needed to keep your armpit odor at bay.

Deodorant spray you make at home is another awesome option and much easier to put together. All you have to do is combine the ingredients in a spray bottle and you are good to go.

Whatever option you choose, to make your own deodorant at home or buy one of the great options we have found, you will have much more peace of mind knowing the deodorant you are putting on your body every day is safe and healthy. There is no need to use products that have potential health risks when there are safer alternatives out there that work.

This article was last updated on May 6, 2022 .

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