How Often Should You Really Wash Your Hair? (Answered)

Tight Hair Curls

Your mother probably told you that constantly growing up you only need to wash your hair a couple times a week, otherwise, you can damage your hair. You also hear this theory just about everywhere these days as well. Don’t over-wash your hair, they say because your hair and scalp will become too dry and damage will occur.

However, you then run into websites and people that also say every other day is fine and even washing your hair every day is okay too.

So, what is actually the best option? How often should you really wash your hair?

The answer is not black and white, and it depends a lot on certain factors. Different hair types deserve different washing treatments. Let’s take a look at all of the different sides, factors, and ideas to once and for all figure out how many times a week shampooing is safe.

Fine Hair

Every other day

Fine Hair

If you have fine hair that does not have lots of body and volume, you should shoot to wash your hair every other day. About three to four times a week will be okay. Fine hair shows grease much easier, so the day after you wash your hair, you are likely to see and feel oily hair and scalp.

It will be tempting to wash your hair at the first look and feel of grease but try to refrain. On those non-wash days, use a dry shampoo to soak up the oils in your scalp and hair so you can make it until the next day.

Shampooing fine hair every day will only make your oily hair and scalp situation worse. If you are used to washing your fine hair every day, adjusting to every other day may feel hard at first. But if you give it some time, you will find your hair and scalp will become less oily.

Wavy Hair, Loose Curls & Normal Hair

Natural Wavy Curly Hair

Every other day

If you fall into this category, you will also want to shampoo every other day. You want to make sure you are keeping your hair clean and moisturized at the same time. Wavy hair and lose curls need moisture to keep them free of frizz, so you don’t wind up looking like a frizzy poodle. However, you also don’t want to over wash loose curls because that can also strip them of their natural oils and still make them look frizzy.

Normal hair means you may have a combination of different hair textures or perhaps your hair in fine, but also has a wavy texture. If this is the case, you will also want to fall somewhere in the middle and wash it every other day. This will ensure you are not over-washing or under-washing. You will also want to make sure the shampoo you choose does not have any sulfates or other harsh chemicals that will strip your combination hair.

Super Thick Hair

Super Thick Hair

One to two times a week

If you have really thick hair, straight or curly, you can get away with only shampooing your hair once a week. This may sound a bit crazy, but thick hair can handle oil and grease well and even distributes that oil more evenly. This means your hair may not look or even feel greasy for most of the week. You are one lucky person if you have this type of hair!

If only washing your hair once a week sounds a bit too drastic, or if you work out during the week and sweat a lot, washing your hair twice a week is an okay deal as well. Sweating on your scalp can increase buildup and grease and may feel icky and uncomfortable. Making sure that sweat is washed away from your scalp is important for healthy skin and hair.

Tight Curls

Tight Hair Curls

Twice a week

If you have tight curls with lots of spring and bounce, you will want to wash your hair twice per week. You want to make sure that your scalp is cleansed and clean, but you do not want to dry out your hair by shampooing too often. With tight curls, your roots tend to get greasy, but your actual curls get super dry, damaged, and frizzy since hair oils cannot make their way down to your roots.

As you can see, different hair types have different properties, needs, and must be treated differently. One of the biggest keys to a healthy head of hair and scalp is to make sure your shampoo is not filled with tons of harsh chemicals, dyes, fragrances, and preservatives.

The biggest issues with conventional shampoo are they will do your hair, scalp, and body more harm than good. Switching to natural and organic options are your best move. If you want to learn more about the issues with conventional shampoo and also want to find the best natural and organic shampoos of 2019 so far, check out this helpful post. If you are also in the market for an organic and natural conditioner, we also have you covered.

This article was last updated on May 6, 2022 .

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