Primal Life Organics Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder Review

Primal Life Organic Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder

If you are looking for an alternative to toothpaste, tooth powder may just be what you were looking for.

While there are many wonderful natural and organic toothpaste available, perhaps there is still an ingredient you wish to avoid or are allergic to. Or maybe you have heard about the benefits of tooth powder overusing a toothpaste.

Whatever your reason may be for wanting to use the tooth powder, not all tooth powders are created equal. Tooth powders can still contain harmful ingredients you may wish to avoid when living a natural and organic lifestyle.

Since it can be challenging to find a great natural toothpaste option, we have previously compiled a list of natural and organic toothpaste that work well and are safe and healthy to use.

Today, we are going to take a look at one of the most popular brands of tooth powder, Primal Life Organics. Their formula is natural, organic, wholesome, and simple, so you can get one of the safest and effective cleans possible!

Primal Life Organics Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder Review

Primal Life Organic Dirty Mouth Tooth Powder Black

Primal Life Organics is one of the most popular brands of tooth powder on the market and for good reason. They use the highest quality organic ingredients and only use a few necessary ingredients to improve our oral health.

Their formula blends bentonite clay, kaolinite, and montmorillonite, plus the addition of aluminum-free baking soda and essential oils such as peppermint. Their formula is free of toxic ingredients such as peroxide, latex, parabens, and sulfates.

Their specific formula gently polishes, whitens, and cleanses your teeth and gums. The ingredients they use are packed full of trace minerals that are vital to your teeth and your oral health overall. It will help make your teeth feel cleaner and stronger than ever before but in the most natural and pure way possible.

Their tooth powder also has the ability to help remineralize your teeth. This basically means it can help make your teeth stronger by helping to protect the enamel on your teeth.

Regular toothpaste usually cannot do this, and your teeth become weaker and even more susceptible to tooth decay and the breakdown of your enamel.

This can lead to tooth sensitivity, pain, infections, and cavities. But if you are able to remineralize your teeth by using this tooth powder, you reduce the risk of this happening – hence healthier and happier teeth!

Primal Life Organics Tooth Powder vs. Frau Flower Tooth Powder

This brand is another popular tooth powder that provides complete oral care just like we see with Primal Life Organics tooth powder.

It comes in multiple different flavors and can help to whiten your teeth, polish your teeth, and also remineralize your teeth. However, with this brand, they use different ingredients for the remineralization properties that we do not find in the Primal Life Organics Formula.

The ingredients they include are calcium, boron, strontium, and other trace minerals that are naturally found in salts and calcium carbonate.

Just like with Primal Life Organics, their formula is fluoride-free. But they have the addition of xylitol, which helps to improve oral health.

This tooth powder is also vegan, non-GMO, and is made with ingredients that are completely natural and safe to swallow, although that is not recommended.

Another difference with this tooth powder is the fact that it is completely free of baking soda. There are some people that like to avoid baking soda even if it is aluminum-free, so if that is you, this tooth powder is going to be a better option.

Primal Life Organics Tooth Powder vs. The Dirt Tooth Powder

And last but not least we have The Dirt tooth powder, again, another very popular brand. Just like the other tooth powders, this one is completely natural and made with such safe ingredients you could actually eat it.

This tooth powder will help to detox your gums on your teeth on a daily basis. Their formula contains clay and a variety of herbs that will help to brighten and whiten your smile and to freshen up your breath in the most natural way possible.

For their formula, they never use any SLS, SCS, PEG, artificial sweeteners, or artificial dyes. Their formula will also encourage your mouth to fight plaque and tartar naturally when you use it for your regular brushing routine.

The tooth powder comes in a few different flavors and sizes depending on how long you would like your supply to last.

Some of the ingredients they use are clay, baking soda, green tea extract, wasabi extract, organic stevia, and a blend of pure essential oils.

Final Thoughts

When it comes down to it, any of the three tooth powders above R great options if you are looking for natural and organic tooth powders that are pure, effective, end healthy alternatives to regular toothpaste.

All three of these tooth powders are quite similar to the ingredients they use and the benefits they have on your oral health, including your teeth and your gums.

One of the biggest differences between these tooth powders is the fact that the frau flower brand does not include any baking soda in their formula. While baking soda is typically considered safe to use, especially one it is aluminum-free, some people may like to avoid this ingredient. If that happens to be you, you may want to choose this brand over the other two brands we reviewed in this article.

But in the end, you can truly not wrong with any of the above options. They are all going to make your teeth stronger, your gums healthier, and you will improve your oral health significantly with the benefits you just cannot get from a regular toothpaste – even if they are natural and organic options.

This article was last updated on July 10, 2022 .

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