The 10 Best Natural and Organic Beauty Subscription Boxes of 2024

Beauty subscription boxes are such a fun item to get in the mail once a month or less depending on your specific subscription. Beauty boxes are an ideal way to test out new kinds of makeup, skincare products, personal care items, accessories, and so much more.

However, not all beauty boxes are created equal and many of the most popular companies on the market don’t have a box that always contains natural, organic, and safe products. While some of the products in the box may be made with natural ingredients, some products may be organic, or they try to pick items that are safe and healthy, many of the beauty items you will get will not be natural and organic. You may find yourself getting products that are filled with questionable and toxic ingredients that just don’t fit your lifestyle.

If you are committed to a strict natural and organic lifestyle, this is frustrating because you can either not partake in the beauty box subscription trend at all or you will wind up wasting a lot of money and products because you won’t use many of the items that are sent to you.

But there is good news! Since this trend has taken off in the last few years, there are now tons of great option for natural and organic beauty boxes to choose from you can feel safe, confident, and healthy using all of the products you will receive in your monthly beauty box.

The 10 Best Natural and Organic Beauty Subscription Boxes:

Here are the best top 10 natural and organic beauty boxes to choose from that we know you are absolutely going to love – let’s check them out!

1. Petit Vour Plus Beauty Box

Petit Vour Plus Beaut Box

This box will come with about four to five organic and natural beauty products. You will have a mixture of both sample sizes and full-sized products in your monthly box, which we think is pretty neat! It is the best compromise for those who want to try out certain items but also want those full-sized items to really feel like they are getting their money’s worth for the subscription price.

For their boxes, they work with around 35 different brands that are always going to be vegan and cruelty-free. If you are in the United States they also have free shipping for you, and we don’t think there is a single person out there who doesn’t love some free shipping.

2. Freedm Street The Cruelty-Free Beauty Box

Freedm Street The Cruelty-Free Beauty Box

As the name suggests, all of the products you will get in this monthly subscription box are ensured cruelty-free, so it takes all of the worries and guesswork out of making sure all of the products you are getting and using have never been tested on animals.

We love that you are able to choose what kind of products you like as well as how many items you will get in your box as well. So much room for optimization is a really cool thing for a beauty box. You can go for a vegan makeup box, skincare box, etc. that includes so many awesome, unique, and healthy products.

3. The Detox Box

The Detox Box

With their super strict ingredient standards guidelines, you can also feel confident that you are getting products that are as clean and healthy as they can possibly be. Every single month your box will come with one product, and sometimes more, that are extremely high-end skincare and beauty products from the top organic and natural brands on the market.

Yes, you are only getting one item most of the time, which we know doesn’t feel like a lot, but look at it this way: for your subscription of about $55 per month, you will get one super high-end product worth over $90, which will guarantee you are actually going to use the product, you are getting a great discount, and tons of items in a box you get won’t go to waste.

4. Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box

Ecocentric Mom

This box is packed to the brim with eco-friendly and natural products that aim to target your healthy living lifestyle. They pick items from businesses that truly care about the planet by making products that are completely natural, safe, healthy, and non-toxic.

The cool thing about this box is that its target audience in moms! It makes the perfect little pick me up for new months bi-monthly or is an ideal gift for a baby shower. Sometimes you can expect products for your baby like natural diapers, creams, etc. mixed along with mom-friendly products that any mom is truly going to appreciate. Moms need all the help they can get!

5. LoveLula Beauty Box

Love Lula

If you are someone that does not want to commit to getting full-sized beauty products, this box is an awesome option because it is filled with sample sizes that you can try out before committing to a large product you may not like or ever use.

Items included in the box come from super niche and premium natural and organic brands, so you know you will be getting the best of the best in the natural and organic beauty world. This box makes getting items so fun and exciting because it is most likely you have never tried any of the products you will get in your box from month to month.

6. Pure Natural Box

Pure Natural Box

With some of the best and most popular beauty brands on the market, this pure, natural, and organic box is a beauty box from your dreams. In each box, you are going to get at least six natural and organic products. Many of the products are sample sizes, but each box is at least going to include one full-sized item, however, sometimes there will be more than one full-sized product.

Most of the products you are getting will be popular and well-liked UK brands since this is a UK-based company, but they also emphasize big brand names in the organic beauty world. You get the best of both worlds with this box in a multitude of ways.

7. RosePost Clean Rose Beauty

RosePost Clean Rose Beauty

Do you love anything and everything rose flavored, scented, and all of the above? If so, you are going to want to get this box delivered to your house as soon as you possibly can. You will get three to five rose-based products in your box. The brands tend to vary but if there is one thing you can always count on is the fact you are getting brands that are 100% natural, clean, organic, plant-based, and cruelty-free.

The brands they choose from are from smaller natural beauty companies from around Europe and North America…and of course, there has to be a rose in every single one of the products. We don’t think it can get any better and more flowery than that! Plus, has so many amazing benefits for the skin.

8. Vertue Box Gift Set

Vertue Box

You get to fill out a beauty profile when you set up your account for this box, which is great for those who want a more customized experience and receiving products that are more tailored to them. You also get the option to choose a box that only contains vegan products, so all of the items you get will fit a vegan lifestyle.

In each box, you are going to get award-winning products, items from brands that are new and about to make it big, plus loads of unique and diverse products you probably wouldn’t even know about if it were not for the Vertue Box.

9. Akamai Basics Core Essentials Kit

Akamai Basics Core Essentials Kit

Less is more with Akamai! They are dedicated to choosing three amazing and essential products per month for your box that you are actually going to use. Items in their boxes include products like natural toothpaste, shampoo bars, moisturizers, hair products, and essential skincare products that all can be used for multiple purposes.

Overall, their goal is to send you a box every month that is filled with items meant to replace around ten products you use in your daily routine the most, so in the long term you are saving money and time searching for products that cover a lot of your everyday bases.

10. Birchbox

Birchbox Beauty Subscription Box

We have decided to include the extremely popular Birchbox because it is available nearly everywhere, it only $10 per month for a box filled to the brim with samples, and sometimes will contain a full-sized product. While this box is not totally organic or natural, they do try to incorporate as many healthier brands as they can in their boxes. You can also check a box in your profile that allows you to let them know you like natural product options and they will try their best to include as many as possible.

Buyer’s Guide

There are tons and tons of beauty boxes you can choose from, from so many different brands, but not all beauty boxes are of the same quality and share the same set of values you may have for the products you want to or don’t want to use on your body.

When it comes to choosing a natural and organic beauty box, first and foremost, it is going to be a 100% personal choice. You have to decide what elements are the most important to you and if getting a monthly subscription for a beauty box is going to work well for your tastes and preferences. Not everyone is going to find that a beauty box subscription is right for them, and that’s totally ok.

Consider some of the following points and questions when choosing options for beauty boxes:

  • Am I ok with getting items I may not use?
  • Am I ok with getting items that may not always fit my quality standards from an ingredient standpoint?
  • Does the price point for the subscription feel worth it for the products and the brands I am getting?
  • Consider if you are super picky or if you are open to trying tons of new and different items
  • Are you allergic or sensitive to certain ingredients common in makeup and skincare?
  • Are there certain products you will never use (i.e. lipstick, blush, face serum, etc.?)

After you consider all of these thoughts and questions, it is much easier to evaluate whether or not a beauty box is for you. If you decide that it is, here are a few more questions to ask yourself to help you decide which beauty box subscription to choose:

  • Do you want a box that only contains vegan products due to your lifestyle choices?
  • Do all of your products need to be cruelty-free?
  • Do you want big names brands, small business brands, or a healthy combo of both?
  • Do you want makeup products, skincare items, both, or any extra little goodies in your box?
  • What is your budget for spending per month on a subscription box?
  • Do you want full-sized products or sample-sized products?
  • Do you want a box with multiple products inside or do you only want something with 1-2 items per month?

All of these questions can help you narrow down which box is going to be the best option for you, fit your needs the best, adheres to your lifestyle, and what your most “worth it” items are.

You should also take note if shipping is free, if you have to pay for it, or if the company ships to the country you live in. while many of the subscriptions boxes offer some form of worldwide shipping, whether free or paid, there are some options that the only ship to certain countries, so it is important to be aware of that.

Final Thoughts

Beauty boxes are a fun and trendy way to try out a bunch of beauty, skincare, and personal items you likely wouldn’t find or have access to on an everyday basis. It pushes you into trying new products, new brands, and special items you don’t typically treat yourself to.

Not to mention the fact that getting a surprise in the mail every month filled with new items to try makes it feel like a holiday every single month! It is something you can look forward to as a little self-care pick-me-up to reward yourself for all of the hard work you do on a regular basis.

With so many beauty boxes that don’t fully focus on natural, organic, and healthy items, these above 10 natural and organic beauty boxes are the perfect options to choose from. There is a little something for everyone depending on the types of boxes and items you are into.

We hope you decide to try one, or a few of these great boxes out, and let us know what you think and love and any of them in the comment below.

This article was last updated on July 26, 2024 .

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