Be Green Gentle Facial Cleanser Review

Be Green Gentle Facial Cleanser

Hunting for an awesome, clean, organic, and natural facial cleanser can feel like a daunting task. There are so many face washes on the market and most of them are loaded to the brim with toxic ingredients and chemicals.

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One of the biggest issues we see with face cleansers is they contain some type of surfactant, like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or sodium coco sulfate, which is derived from coconuts instead of manmade in a lab. They are equally as unhealthy and we do not see much difference between the two. The EWG Skin Deep website classifies SLS as “expected to be toxic or harmful” in organ system toxicity. If you want to learn more about Skin Deep and how to use their new app, watch this video:

SLS is what makes soap, cleanser, or wash foam. SLS can cause horrible skin irritations, canker sores can cause damage and irritation to the eyes, and can even make you break out more a develop acne. SLS can exacerbate acne because it strips all of the healthy, natural oils from your skin. This causes your skin to overproduce those natural oils, which lead to clogged pores, and pimples.

Furthermore, many people suffer from painful, dry, bumpy, and flaky rashes from uses products that contain SLS. This rash generally develops around the mouth, the corners of the nose, and the eyelids/corners of the eyes. It is often very difficult to treat and requires harsh medications to get under control in a timely manner.

If you find yourself suffering from this kind of rash, it is possible you have an allergy to SLS and you can eliminate it from all beauty products you use to see if the condition subsides.

Since it may be hard to find a face cleanser that does not contain SLS, we will check out Be Green face wash in this review! It is a natural face wash that is perfect for all skin types.


We really love the Be Green brand. They are a small family-owned business that has been dedicated to producing green and non-toxic beauty products since 2008. They only use quality, and often organic ingredients, that are found in nature and are plant-based. Be Green makes all of its products in small batches, so you never have to worry about mass-produced products that can offer suffer from lower quality standards. And maybe the best part about this company? Be Green offers super affordable prices on all of its products. This makes healthy, clean, and organic skincare accessible and affordable for almost anyone.

 Karen Roche
Be Green Founder Karen Roche

Be Green Gentle Facial Cleanser is made specifically for all skin types, so just about anyone can use this cleanser. It removes dirt, debris, oil, and makeup from deep within your skin so make sure you are truly cleansing your whole face and not just the very outer layer of skin.

This is another face cleanser that will not strip your face of its natural oils because it is formulated with moisturizing oils like organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, and organic jojoba oil. No alcohols in the wash mean your face will not look red or feel irritated or tight after you finish washing your face with Be Green.

It also has a gentle exfoliate element as well, to really wash away any dead skin cell buildup as well that makes your skin look dull and lifeless. Overall, this face wash has a gel consistency, no fragrance, or artificial ingredients of any kind. It smells like the ingredients it is made with, so think rosemary, honey, and coconut…yum! Who needs synthetic fragrance when you can have simple and pure freshness?

Organic aloe help to lock hydration into your skin, oat kernel meal and apricot kernel meal act as gentle exfoliates in the wash.

What we really love about Be Green is that this product is EWG Verified as well. This verification means the product is free from any seriously harmful or toxic chemical ingredients. EWG Skin Deep has some of the strictest criteria for health and transparency so any product that is EWG verified will not pose any serious risks to your health or skin.  We hardly think there is anything better than that.

This article was last updated on May 6, 2022 .

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