Isoi Bulgarian Rose Lip Treatment Balm Review

Isoi Bulgarian Rose Lip Treatment Balm

Conventional synthetic lipstick comes with a host of problems for your skin, lips, and body as a whole. It is filled with toxic chemicals that we explore in this post, and we need to avoid those substances to keep our bodies healthy and happy.

But how do you go about finding a safe and natural alternative to the common lipsticks you find in your local beauty store or drug store? We have a few simple tips and tricks to help you score an amazing and safe lipstick that will never harm your body.

Isoi CEO
Isoi Company CEO

Firstly, just because something claims it is natural or made with natural ingredients, doesn’t mean it is actually natural or safe. In fact, the lipstick can still be loaded with chemicals and toxins that can do some serious harm to your body. The reason these labels are so misleading is because they rely on key terms and buzz phrases in marketing that trick customers into thinking they are buying something natural and healthy. Since cosmetics are not fully regulated by the FDA and the FDA has approved certain amounts of chemicals that are safe in certain makeup and beauty products, there is a lot of room for cosmetic companies to fool customers.

Companies are not required to disclose all of the ingredients that are put into their makeup products, including lipstick. Furthermore, a makeup product may contain coconut oil and shea butter and that is all that is required to a company to claim they “use natural ingredients” or they are a natural product. However, that same product can still have heaps of chemicals like synthetic fragrance, artificial dyes, and parabens. Just because a lipstick has some natural ingredients does not negate the fact most of the other ingredients are toxic.

Therefore, you must read the ingredient list on all new makeup you try. You cannot trust a brand based on its packaging and marketing practices, so turn over that bottle and read the ingredients. Look for organic, completely natural ingredients that you can pronounce and you know what they are. You want to see ingredients from fruit, veggie, and plant extracts, whole fruit or vegetable-based oils, natural preservatives like non-GMO vitamin E oil, etc.

You also want to look for products that contain minimal ingredients as well. Although it is not always the case, most natural and organic lipsticks will have a relatively short list of ingredients.

Lastly, if there is ever an ingredient you are not sure about, have never heard about, or are concerned it may be harmful, you the EWG Skin Deep database to search for specific brands, products, or ingredients. They are the largest database the rates ingredients as very bad and dangerous too completely safe and non-harmful.

Now that we know a bit about what to look for and not look for in a natural, organic, and healthy lipstick, we are going to take a peek at an awesome option you are going to love! The Isoi Bulgarian Rose Lip Treatment Balm is a tinted lipstick/balm that will leave your lips looking and feeling wonderful.


Isoi Bulgarian Rose Lip Treatment Balm
Colour Options

Isoi is a Korean brand that is committed to bringing healthy and natural beauty products to women all across the world. They know that women are exposed to tons of environmental toxins in their everyday life, from air pollution to fast food ingredients that can seriously damage our health. They do not want to see women exposed to even more toxins through their makeup and skincare products.

They want women and their customers to make smart decisions when it comes to what they put on their bodies and their main philosophy is making you read your lipstick and makeup brand ingredients just as you would read the food label of a new brand of cookies you would like to try. They understand that most makeup brands put much more time and effort into the packaging and marketing of their products than they actually spend on formulating products with healthy, wholesome, and natural ingredients that will not harm the body.

Isoi Bulgarian Rose Lip Treatment Balm Ingredients
Isoi Core Ingredients vs Luxury Cosmetics

Therefore, instead of using ingredients like petroleum oil, they use veggie oils like macadamia nut oil, lavender essential oil over synthetic fragrances, and beeswax and shea butter over PEG’s and PPg’s.

Their lip balm comes in two pretty colors, pink and red. These treatments are non-toxic and natural, have no artificial fragrances or chemical colorants. They also contain absolutely no parabens or toxic preservatives. Natural ingredients like Bulgarian rose oil, beeswax, and rosehip oil are super nourishing and hydrating so your lips are kept protected all day long. The more your wear this lipstick, the softer and more supple your lips will become, and we really love that double-duty feature.

This article was last updated on May 6, 2022 .

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