Why People Are Shifting To Fermented Beauty Products

Fermented Beauty Products

Most women are very particular about the products they put on their face for beautification, from cleansers and toners, to the actual cosmetic products like creams, foundation and powder. Regardless of age, women are known for being choosy about the kinds of beauty brands that they regularly patronize.

In the case of experimental products, some of the most fascinating products currently on the market are those which went through the process of fermentation. If it’s your first time to encounter this type of beauty product, you might be surprised to know that food like cheese isn’t the only one that goes through fermentation.

There are several beauty products that go through the process of fermentation in order for them to have a higher nutritional value than traditional beauty products. Fermented beauty specialist like SK II get attention because of their established trusted brand; however, a lot of women are also more experimental and adventurous in their cosmetic choices.

Fermentation in Cosmetics

Fermented products are currently making waves in the beauty industry. Many of us who enjoy a sip of wine every now and then are aware of that our favorite bottle contains fermented grapes from different vineyards. However, unlike wine and other food and drinks we consume, the process of fermentation differs when it comes to creating skin care products. People will always prefer the more natural and organic products.

Fermentation isn’t exactly a new concept but introducing it in our skin care products is a bold choice, and many are currently switching their once-trusted toner for products that contain natural ingredients. However, the fermentation process on food is a little different than the one used in beauty products. That is because our skin is unable to absorb the nutrients as efficiently as when it’s from our digestive system.

To help remedy this problem several beauty companies speed up the fermentation process, using state-of-the-art technology to break down molecules for faster skin absorption. The fermented products in the market today have gone through advanced and sophisticated methods, in contrast to the traditional fermentation alone.

Preference of Fermented

Skin is one of the most important assets that we have and people are more aware of this. Nowadays, they are more concerned about what to put on their face and what the impact would be in the long term. Since several studies have shown the benefits that fermented food can do for our body internally, they wanted to see how it can also benefit our body externally. With various pollutants, free radicals, and harmful rays from our environment, people now are looking to find effective ways to combat these risks without necessarily relying on synthetic products.

South Korea, which is currently recognized as the beauty capital of the world, puts emphasis on prevention over repair has enforced since skincare they see it as an investment on taking care of one’s self. This belief inspired countless products that have since influenced its western counterparts to switch into their brand of beauty instead of those with thick coverage and pigmentation, which were popular before.

From BB creams, cushion powders, and sheet masks, South Korea is now making a switch to go natural and has since provided a wide range of fermented products for everyone to enjoy. There are many products available in stores from all parts of the world.

Since its introduction, many people have since then cited the many benefits of fermented skin care products such as:

  1. Fermented beauty products are absorbed into your skin better.

Fermented skincare products breaks molecules down into smaller components which make it easier for skin to absorb its nutrients. That means that these products contain more micronutrients than the average skin care products that only go through the normal processes. The ingredients are more healthy, organic and natural as opposed to the chemicals in most cosmetic products.

During the fermentation process, harmful bacteria and preservatives die off resulting in a more concentrated and nourishing version of its original ingredient. If you’re looking for beauty products in their raw, organic and safer forms, you can find them in these products. Fermented beauty products are better than their natural equivalent, with more emphasis on allowing the good nutrients to thrive.

  1. Fermented beauty products are said to defy aging.

Fermentation produces Alpha Hydroxy Acids that enable skin cell regeneration and allows the skin to become clearer. Fermented beauty products also contain antioxidants that help remove dead skin cells, reduce fine lines, and keep our skin firm and smooth. Aside from that, fermented beauty products are considered to be safer than most anti-aging creams and serums. The nutrients found in fermented products are in concentrated form so you get its age defying properties in its full impact.

  1. Fermented beauty products are good for sensitive skin.

Fermented products are often recommended to those with sensitive skin types since harmful bacteria in natural ingredients are destroyed in the fermentation process. The release of healthy nutrients turns the product into a more nourishing component that helps reduce redness and irritation.

While fermented products are generally safe, the increase in acids present could become problematic to a person who has oily skin.

  1. Fermentation process allows these beauty products to last longer than non-fermented products.

Fermented beauty products generally last longer compared to other beauty products because fermentation itself is a natural way to preserve products without using artificial ingredients. The average shelf life of a basic cosmetic product is around 12 months, while fermentation can extend the usual lifespan for over 6 months depending on the components.

You can check the label to know more about the products you buy. There’s an indicator that tells you how long it would take before a product gets spoiled after it gets opened.

Fermented Skin Care Products as Investment

If you’re considering switching up your skin care regimen for natural alternatives, it’s best to run a trial first before making big purchases. For people who are currently on prescribed medication, it’s best to consult with your dermatologist first before taking a leap of faith. When in doubt, always ask your doctor about it. There’s no harm in trying new products but it’s always better to be prepared in case there are certain allergens present.

However, if you are itching to try out the numerous benefits that fermentation has to offer you can always switch up your diet first; since our diet plays an active role in influencing our skin’s appearance, we may need to take in some fermented dishes to see the benefits ourselves first-hand.

Here’s a Youtube video explaining why we need fermented skin care products:


This article was last updated on May 6, 2022 .

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