Morrocco Method Citrus Silk Conditioner Bar Review

Morrocco Method Citrus Silk Conditioner Bar

Morrocco Methods is an all-natural hair care company the makes high-quality hair products with clean and wholesome ingredients you can trust. Finding a great natural conditioner that is also effective is harder than you may think, but with Morrocco Method, you get all of the good ingredients combined with a conditioner that will actually condition your hair, make it silky, soft, and healthy.

We have the privilege of trying the Citrus Silk Conditioner Bar. We never used a conditioner bar before and have always used natural and organic conditioner in the traditional form – from a bottle.

We were not sure what to expect with a bar of conditioner if it would even work, or be an effective way to condition hair. However, we were extremely surprised by just how well the bar worked and how effective it was on conditioning and hydrating hair.

We were left with less frizz and had smoother and shiny hair when it was air-dried naturally and could not be happier with the results.

In this post, we are going to take a deeper dive into all of the important elements of this wonderful conditioner bar and learn all about what it has to offer!

The Ingredients

Morrocco Method Citrus Silk Conditioner
Morrocco Method Citrus Silk Conditioner Packaging Next to Conditioner and Shampoo Bars

The best part about this natural conditioner bar is the fact it is made with ingredients you are able to recognize right off the bat.

It contains wholesome and nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, orange peel extract, jojoba oil, vitamin E, orange blossom essential oil, neutral henna, and algae extract. Simple, pure, and natural ingredients are all you need to have to make your hair as healthy and soft as possible.

We also love the fact that the conditioner bar is raw, Paleo, cruelty-free, soy-free, GMO-free, SLS-free, gluten-free, and is totally biodegradable. There is no plastic in sight and you will never have to worry about recycling those pesky plastic bottles ever again.

Generally, when it comes to conditioners in the bottle there are many more fillers and other ingredients you may want to avoid, even when it comes to natural and organic conditioners. For instance, it is still common to see some form of a preservative on the ingredient list.

But the great thing about bars, in particular this one, is they tend to be purer and made with much more simple ingredients. No preservatives, no fillers, no toxic ingredients.

Benefits of The Morrocco Method Citrus Silk Conditioner Bar

Morrocco Method Citrus Silk Conditioner Closeup
Morrocco Method Citrus Silk Conditioner Closeup Color After Use

There is an endless amount of benefits to this citrus conditioning bar. Firstly, the bar smells absolutely amazing. It is citrusy, fresh, and smells natural – you can tell there are no artificial fragrances or ingredients in the bar at all.

The orange peel extract and the jojoba oil are there to detangle your hair while also adding lots of luster and shine. The cocoa butter deeply hydrates your hair while the shea butter acts to soften and heal your scalp. This is particularly great is you suffer from a dry scalp, dandruff, or have itchiness. The hydrating ingredients will help repair and rejuvenate your scalp and make it healthy again, the natural way!

Sea kelp (the algae extract) adds even more moisture to your hair but also makes your hair feel super soft to the touch.

Without any harsh chemicals or any fillers in the conditioner bar, all of these effective and high-quality ingredients are able to work to their full potential to completely transform your hair.

Morrocco Method Shampoo Bar Directly After Use
Morrocco Method Shampoo Bar Directly After Use

Although it was a little bit different using the bar instead of a bottle of conditioner, once you were able to wet the bar enough and get enough off and into your hair, you could feel the texture of your hair was smooth and silky.

Many natural conditioners feel like they don’t work, even while you are still in the shower. They don’t feel silky and you can feel your hair beginning to tangle together, but with this bar, you never have to worry about that. It is silky going in and works through your hair very well.

Once rinsed, your hair still feels like silk. We let our hair air dry and it was smooth, shinier, hydrated, and we had significantly less frizz than usual.

As it has been extremely hot and humid for the past few weeks, the ability to lessen frizz and retain healthy-looking hair is a massive step forward!

Final Thoughts

We were not sure what to expect going into using a conditioner bar for the first time. To be honest, we were a little skeptical about how the bar was going to work if it would work as a traditional natural conditioner, and it if would be easy to use or frustrating to use a bar of soap as a conditioner.

We thought it was going to be a hassle and not work as well as a regular bottle of natural and organic conditioner.

But we are very glad to say this bar blew our expectations away in pretty much every way possible.

It is easy to use once you get the hang of it, it smells so natural and citrusy, and it truly leaves your hair looking and feeling its best – even in the hot and humid weather, which honestly says a lot!

In the end, we highly recommend this product, support their use of natural ingredients that are recognizable and wholesome, and adore that fact there are no fillers or harsh chemicals to be seen.

This bar is truly going to transform not just the look of your hair, but the health of your hair and your scalp as well. We believe the more you continue to use the product and get away from other conditioners that have unnecessary ingredients, the look and health of your hair will only continue to improve.

This article was last updated on July 10, 2022 .

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