Zion Health ClayDry Natural Deodorant Review

Zion Health ClayDry Natural Deodorant

Finding a natural deodorant that uses all-natural ingredients and actually works for helping to control both sweating and smelling is hard.  In fact, we think finding an effective natural deodorant may just be the hardest thing to find in the natural skincare and personal item industry.  So many people can go months, or even years, trying to find the best option.

While a lot of it depends on your own body and what you are looking for in natural deodorant, some options are better than others and that is where Zion Health’s ClayDry Deodorant comes into play.  ClayDry deodorant is made with safe and healthy ingredients, is aluminum-free, and actually helps control sweating and smelling…yes, really!

The Ingredients

Zion Health ClayDry Deodorant Ingredients The ingredients you find in this product are clean, natural, and healthy so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to using it on a daily basis.  They use a special blend of essential oils, arrowroot powder, clay, oils, butter, and flower extracts that help absorb wetness and neutralize odor all day long, even though tough workouts when you get hot and sweaty. 

Clay is known for being porous and absorbent, which is a special ingredient in this option that really helps fight the sweating you often still get with many natural deodorants.  We love that this deodorant is free of harmful aluminum and propylene glycol. 

The Benefits 

Besides the great clean and high-quality ingredients, there are two other main benefits ClayDry that we also touched upon above.  The first biggest advantage of this deodorant is it controls the amount your armpits sweat during the day, even when you are hot or working out.

As with every other natural deodorant, you are not going to stop completely sweating during workouts throughout the day since it is designed totally differently than antiperspirants. However, when we used this during a cardio and weight lifting workout, the amount of sweat we had was reduced by at least 80%. This is a huge deal!  The second biggest benefit is its ability to control smell as well. It does a great job at eliminating odors in a safe and natural way. 

How to Use

Zion Health ClayDry Deodorant Closeup You are going to use this deodorant just like you would any other natural or conventional option. You will use a few swipes on your armpit area in the morning or whenever you want to apply it and you should be good to go for the rest of the day! If you find you are particularly sweaty, in hot weather, or tend to sweat a lot when working out, you may want to reapply more during these specific times just for added protection. 

Final Thoughts 

Overall, we really love this deodorant and think it works incredibly well compared to so many of the other options on the market that are natural and/or organic. It controls sweat and smell, which are the two biggest things everyone is looking for in a natural deodorant.  However, there are two things we are not the craziest about and that is the use of the ingredient “natural elderberry fragrance.”

We do not know what makes up this fragrance and how natural it really is. Since it does not say it comes from essential oil or natural extract, we suspect it may come from an unnatural source.  While this is not a huge con, it is a little bit difficult to apply to your underarms. It is not smooth and does not glide on like other options. It drags against your skin a bit and seems sticky going on. But the good thing is once you have it applied it does not feel sticky or tacky in the slightest bit! 

This article was last updated on July 10, 2022 .

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