100% Pure Yerba Mate Mist SPF 30 Sunscreen Review

100% Pure Yerba Mate Mist SPF 30 Sunscreen

Finding a natural sunscreen that keeps you from getting sunburned, goes on clear, is lightweight, and actually does not contain harsh chemical ingredients is a serious challenge. Some people even think it is completely impossible to do!

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Even many natural brands put a lot of harsh chemicals into their sunscreens because getting the formula just right without these additives is a tough feat. However, the good news is it is not impossible, especially for 100% Pure. This company makes clean, healthy, natural, and much organic beauty, skincare, and hair care products that are made with the purest ingredients and actually work.

100 Percent Pure

They have a cult-like following and so many happy customers swear by all of their products. Their products work so well because they are made with whole, natural ingredients found in nature. They use the highest quality ingredients possible and they never take any shortcuts to make their products for less money by using low-quality ingredients and fillers. All of the products are many with high concentrations of potent skin and hair-loving ingredients.

Since only high-quality ingredients and lots of passion and love go into each product, their prices tend to be a bit higher than other companies. However, if you want the best quality natural products possible and you never want to worry about what you are putting on your body, you will never need to shop anywhere else than 100% Pure. Plus, even though you are paying more, you are paying for potent products with very high concentrations of powerful ingredients. Since they do not use any fillers, you know you are not paying for lots of chemicals and fillers.

Of course, the same quality goes into the Yerba Mate Mist SPF sunscreen. It is almost impossible to find a mist sunscreen that is natural, goes on smooth and clear, and does not leave that unsightly white-purple hue to the skin. In this post, we will go over in detail all there is to love about this amazing natural misting sunscreen from 100% Pure!


100% Pure Yerba Mate Mist SPF 30 Sunscreen

This sunscreen mist uses key beneficial ingredients to not just protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, but to nourish the skin at the same time. Jojoba oil moisturizes the skin and promotes healing, safflower oil soothes skin and deeply moisturized, and yerba mate makes your skin firm and elastic due to its extremely high concentration of antioxidants. The antioxidants also help protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

The active ingredient they use to protect your skin from the sun in zinc. In sunscreen, zinc replaces other harmful active ingredients that are extremely harmful to our bodies and the environment as a whole.

Oxybenzone is one of the most common sunscreen ingredients used. It is a harmful chemical that has been linked to endocrine disruption, allergies, photoallergies, organ system toxicity, and more. This chemical is also highly toxic to aquatic life and has been killing fragile ocean ecosystems for dozens of years. Many countries and Hawaii have actually banned this chemical, so it does not kill any more coral reefs in the area.

Octinoxate is another common active ingredient in conventional sunscreen. It is a UV filter that protects the skin from harmful UVB rays from the sun. this chemical does not protect against UVA rays, however. Similar to Oxybenzone, it is linked to endocrine disruption and can harm one’s reproductive system. According to many studies, this chemical has been found in most samples of breast milk, urine, and blood. Hawaii has also banned this ingredient to protect their coral reefs, sea life, and oceans as a whole.

Homosalate is an active ingredient in sunscreen as well and it absorbs UVB rays. It is an endocrine disrupter, can enhance the body’s ability to absorb pesticides, which include bug spray.

Zinc is one of the only harmless ingredients that can protect our skin from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays.

100% Pure Yerba Mate Mist SPF 30 Sunscreen Natural

100% Pure’s misting spray is mess-free and provides full-body sun protection. It is a broad-spectrum SPF 30. The formula is lightweight and mattifying and will not feel sticky and greasy on the skin, which so many sunscreens can feel that way. The mist is water-resistant, protects against free radicals, and environmental pollutants. It is also great because it is coral reef safe as well.

If you are looking for some other natural, organic, and safe sunscreen for you and/or your family this summer, check out this helpful guide! There is a sunscreen here for everyone to use and love. Finding natural and organic sunscreen can feel like an impossible task, but with these options, you will be able to protect your skin in a care-free way.

This article was last updated on May 6, 2022 .

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