Atoclassic Real Tonic Calming Intensive Cream Review

Atoclassic Real Tonic Calming Intensive Cream

Atoclassic is a Korean brand developed by the WOOBO Clinic. The clinic has a long history of over 100 years. Their main focus has been in “Hanbang” practice. This type of practice is in herbal medicine that was passed down for many generations from a great-grandfather. The great grandfather had extensive knowledge and experience with herbal medicine from his descendants.


Plant-based and herbal treatments for skin conditions and other health-related conditions is the main focus of Hanbang. There was special attention paid to skin conditions that had to do with inflammation. WOOBO opened their first clinic and its main goal was to help those who were experiencing uncomfortable and stubborn skin conditions that were not improving.

With great success and happy patients, Atoclassic skincare line was developed to help bring treatment for skin conditions to as many people as possible throughout the world. The main goal of Atoclassic is to eliminate any of the stress that is placed on our skin due to the modern world and environmental factors that are outside of our control. Healthier and more resilient skin is their end goal.


Atoclassic Real Tonic Calming Intensive Cream is an extremely hydrating moisturizer for your face that uses a blend of natural ingredients from herbal medicine heritage. The rich and moisturizing cream is able to deeply hydrate your skin and penetrate your pores. The cream is also great for nourishing the skin so you can eliminate any redness and irritation you have on your skin.

Atoclassic Real Tonic Calming Intensive Ingredients

This intensive cream has mistletoe extract, which is a powerful ingredient due to its natural antiseptic properties. It is also a great ingredient to help fight inflammation of the skin since it is also an anti-inflammatory. Furthermore, mistletoe extract is also anti-aging so it can help with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well.

Shea butter also makes an appearance in this cream. Shea butter is very hydrating and thick, so it creates a thick and rich texture in this face moisturizer. Shea butter is also wonderful for calming the skin when it is red, dry, itchy, and flakey since the butter is so rich and soothing. Shea butter almost creates a blanket on the skin so your skin can feel protected and hydrated at all times.

Atoclassic Real Tonic Calming Intensive Cream Back

Macadamia oil and grape seed oil are also powerful natural moisturizers. They work with the shea butter to make this product rich and creamy in texture and feel. On the skin, these oils combine to lock in the moisture on your skin so your skin can stay hydrated throughout the day and night. They create a barrier on your skin so the hydrated cannot escape from your face.

Licorice is able to soothe and calm irritated skin as well. This ingredient calms redness making your skin appear more even, less blotchy, and evened out. Lavender essential oil helps soothe and calm red and irritated skin while providing a relaxing and pleasant scent to the face cream!

Users love how thick and creamy this moisturizer is. Many users claim that the thick cream goes on lightly and smoothly despite its creamy and rich texture. There are also many people who use this cream with very sensitive skin. From acne to rashes to products easily breaking out their skin, most users find this cream does not irritate their skin, dry out their skin, cause acne breakouts, or make their skin feel and look irritated.

The cream will also never leave your skin looking or feeling oily, which is very common with thick and rich face creams. These creams can often leave your skin feeling weighed down by all of the rich and thick ingredients in the product, but with this moisturizing anti aging cream, you will never experience that issue again.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this product is great for those with sensitive skin and need super intense and calming hydration for their skin and face. Natural herbs and other ingredients make this product a great way to make sure your skin is getting the attention and care it deserves.

However, if you ‘re looking for an organic and 100% natural moisturizer, you may want to look somewhere else. Although there are many wholesome ingredients in this cream and it is much healthier than many other brands, some people may want to avoid some of the other less natural ingredients in this product. If that is the case, take a peek at this blog post!

This article was last updated on May 6, 2022 .

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