MV Skincare Pure Jojoba Face Oil Review

MV Skincare Pure Jojoba Face Oil

Finding an organic, high-quality pure jojoba oil may feel a bit overwhelming because there are so many different options on the market. From different skincare companies to different sources of jojoba oil, how can you possibly choose the best option?

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Luckily, we have done all of the heavy lifting for you and found one of the best pure and organic jojoba oils available today! MV Skincare’s Pure Jojoba is unadulterated jojoba and will provide your skin with all of the benefits this powerful oil has to offer.

MV Skincare


MV Skincare is a popular and well-known company with their fair share of awards. They have won awards from In Style magazine, the Beauty Shortlist, and the Top 100 from the Organic Beauty blog. They are also endorsed and praised by numerous celebrities like Emma Watson, Brooke Shields, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and more.

They are committed to making the healthiest skincare products with authentic organic ingredients that will never do any harm to your skin or your body. They also ensure all of their skincare products are manufactured with integrity and care.

MV Skincare has three main commitments: health, organic ingredients, and “no compromises.” Their products are meant to completely transform your skin into something you never thought possible. MV was built on honesty and integrity so you can feel confident you are purchasing products that are made transparently and you never have to question the quality or the source of their ingredients.

Pure Jojoba Review

MV Skincare Pure Jojoba

MV’s pure jojoba oil is a super fine moisturizer only made from 100% pure and organic jojoba and absolutely nothing else. Their oil penetrates the skin efficiently and quickly so it can provide an intensely nourishing and softening moisturizing property. The oil will also never clog your pores or cause any kind of congestion or buildup in the skin and pores.

Since jojoba oil is completely natural and there are no other added ingredients in this product, it is particularly good for those with sensitive skin. Many people claim this oil does wonders for soothing acne, especially hormonal acne. You may think that rubbing oil on your face would cause you to break out, but the opposite is actually true. Oils are great for acne prone skin and you can read about why in this blog post.

MV Skincare Pure Jojoba Face Oil

Jojoba oil is also an awesome way to remove makeup at the end of the day. It is gentle on the sensitive parts of your face like your eyes and around the mouth and nose, but it is powerful at washing away stubborn makeup. The oil is able to breakdown the makeup efficiently, so it does not mean you have to scrub your face to remove the makeup. Harshly scrubbing your face can mean you can damage your skin. Rubbing can create fine lines, wrinkles, raw skin, red skin, and other skin irritations.

When using this product, you will want to make sure you are not using too much of the oil. Most people do the best with only one to three drops rubbed over the entire face. The jojoba oil is highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way. Some users have found the best way to use the oil is while your face is still damp so it can absorb into the skin better. Some have also chosen to mix the oil into their favorite lightweight moisturizer for increased absorption.

Although not for everyone, if you do not take these steps, you may feel like your skin is oilier than it was before. If you see oilier skin than normal, try to above steps to combat the issue.

Final Thoughts

Overall, MV Skincare’s pure and organic jojoba oil is one of the best quality oils on the market today. Coupled with the company’s mission for ethical and honest production of all their skincare products, they are a truly wonderful company you can feel about purchasing pricey skincare products from.

If you need a high-quality jojoba oil for moisturizing your skin, fighting acne or wrinkles, or simply want a natural makeup remover without any added harsh chemicals or ingredients, look no further than this product! We know you will be a customer for life after your first bottle.

This article was last updated on May 6, 2022 .

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