W3ll People Natural Nudist Lip Butter Review

W3ll People Natural Nudist Lip Butter

We have talked quite a bit on The Natural Beauty Blog about the dangers of conventional and synthetic lip colors. They are filled with scary and harmful ingredients, such as heavy metals and artificial fragrances, which can lead to cancer or reproductive issues in women, and so much more.

This Lipstick Was Featured on Our 5 Best Natural and Organic Lipsticks Article.

Heavy metals are often the biggest concern in lipsticks, but phthalates, synthetic fragrances, BHA, and BHT are up there in concern as well. Both fragrance and phthalates must be avoided in every single beauty product you use. This includes makeup, skin care products, soaps, lotions, hair products, nail polish, and tons more. Fragrances are such an issue because companies can hide massive amounts of chemicals and toxic ingredients under this one simple ingredient.

Since the FDA does not adequately regulate the cosmetics industry, companies are not required to share with the consumers what they included in their fragrance. This presents an issue for the consumers because they will remain completely unaware of what they are actually rubbing and using all over their bodies.

Furthermore, fragrances are generally stabilized with phthalates. These are chemicals that are linked to birth defects and reproductive issues in women and when women birth a baby. As you can see, this is a grave issue, and the chance should never be taken with using such toxic ingredients unnecessarily.

Parabens are also a problem with lipsticks as well. Parabens are artificial, chemical-based preservatives that keep lipstick and other makeup products fresh and free from bacteria. Although this is important for maintaining safe cosmetics, you can achieve the same result with natural preservatives, like vitamin E! Parabens are so harmful are banned entirely in all European countries since they are so unsafe to use.

W3ll People

Thankfully, many brands on the market never use these ingredients in their lipsticks so you can wear your favorite lip color every day without any worry. W3ll People is a highly rated and favorite brand in the natural beauty industry. They have received numerous awards for the products from large companies like Allure, Style, Vogue, Elle, and so much more.

In this review, we will focus on W3ll People’s Natural Nudist Lip Butter and what makes is so healthy, so popular, and so amazing!


W3ll People’s Lip Balm in a cross between a lipstick and a lip balm – it is indeed the perfect balance in texture and color. You get that great boost of color you are looking for from a lipstick, but with the shine, hydration, and lighter feeling of a sheer lip balm or gloss. When you put this lipstick on, your lips will automatically feel hydrated and not sticky or heavy as you get with many traditional lipsticks, even the natural and organic kind.

The lip balm is filled with organic omega oils and aloe that helps keep the lip moisturized and soothes stressed, chapped, and dry lips. This balm will also protect your lips from the harsh weather elements, so they stay as beautiful as possible. We also find organic rosehip oil in the balm as well, which helps with hydration.

This balm has a lovely vanilla mint essence that comes from wholesome and natural ingredients like vanilla extract and peppermint essential oil. You will never find any synthetic is lab-made fragrances or flavors here.

W3ll People Natural Nudist Lip Butter Colors

This lip balm comes in three different colors, Cherry, Natural, and Nude. Although Cherry is a lip balm, it is quite pigmented and will leave your lips with a deeper red color, more similar to traditional lipstick, but with shine and less intensity.

Natural is a colorless option, they are meant for keeping your pretty lips hydrated and slightly glossy throughout the day. Nude has a natural blush tone that will give your lips a slight color boost but in the most natural and effortless looking way possible. All three colors are great to keep in your makeup bag because each gives a different look, style, and feel that can transition from day to night, work to party, incredibly well.

Overall, W3ll People lip balms are a perfect option if you are looking to get lip color, but want something subtler and a bit shinier than you get with a regular lipstick!

This article was last updated on May 6, 2022 .

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