The 10 Best Natural and Organic Soap Bars of 2024

The Best Natural and Organic Soap Bars

Soap bars tend to get overlooked and are so underrated in the world of soap.

Liquid soaps, foaming soaps, and body wash have seemed to take the lead when it comes to what people want to purchase for their homes. But you shouldn’t count out all of the benefits that soap bars have.

When you use a bar of soap, you are wasting fewer plastic bottles, the ingredients tend to be much healthier, soap bars last longer than liquid soaps, and you can find so many small batch and handcrafted bar soaps from small companies who use amazing ingredients.

The 10 Best Natural and Organic Soap Bars:

Below we’re going to take a look at the 10 best natural and organic soap bars you can find online. We will also check out what the benefits of soap bars are, some frequently asked questions, as well as the ingredients you will want to avoid in many traditional soap bars.

1. Crate 61 Natural Bar Soap

Crate 61 Natural Bar Soap

These are vegan cold processed soap bars that are made with super simple and natural ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, avocado oil, essential oils, and plant extracts. That is it! Nothing bad, nasty, or toxic to be found, which we love. They come in so many different fun scents but have no artificial or synthetic fragrances ever. They lather up well and will leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed.

2. Dr. Bronner’s – Pure-Castile Bar Soap

Dr. Bronner's - Pure-Castile Bar Soap

Dr. Bronner’s castile soap is extremely popular, but did you know they also make a soap bar version and not just the liquid option? Well, they do and you will definitely want to get your hands on it! They come in unscented and scented, are only made from pure and high-quality castile soap, and never ever have any fillers or harsh chemicals.

The soap is very gentle on the skin and perfect for washing your hands in the bathroom or using in the shower. The bar soap can even be shaved down and made into a liquid soap for other uses around the house as well.

3. O Naturals 6-Piece Black Bar Soap Collection

O Naturals 6-Piece Black Bar Soap Collection

French triple milled hand soap means the soap will leave your skin feeling even more cleansed, hydrated, and perfectly moisturized while never getting dry. These bars of soap are made will all-natural ingredients, contain vegan and cold-pressed oils, essential oils, and pure plant extracts. The scents are calming, revitalizing, and fresh and there is something for every family member in the house to use and love the smell of.

4. Aspen Kay Naturals Coffee and Oatmeal Exfoliating Soap Bar

Aspen Kay Naturals Coffee and Oatmeal Exfoliating Soap Bar

The addition of coffee and oatmeal to this bar soap is going to do wonders for your skin. The addition of real coffee and oatmeal pieces gives you a natural and gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin and leave your skin feeling soft and looking glowing. Its fragrance is subtle notes of coffee and vanilla and it is going to make your shower time feel so rejuvenating.

5. Bali Soap Natural Soap Bar

Bali Soap Natural Soap Bar

This exotic natural soap from Bali is a bar soap that is made with wholesome ingredients like palm oil, coconut oils, essential oils, glycerin, botanical powders, and flowers. These soap bars will last you a long time and do not leave any of that soapy feeling residue behind that makes it feel like you have a layer of grime on your skin.

6. Charbar Dead Sea Mud Mineral Soap Bars

Charbar Dead Sea Mud Mineral Soap Bars

If you want a bar soap that has the richest and most luxe lather, look no further than this dead sea mud and mineral soap bar. The lather is going to cleanse and hydrate your skin like no other. The special ingredients in the bar deeply cleanse your pores and skin, while also detoxifying your skin to reduce breakout and make your skin glow.

7. Legend’s Creek Farm Goat Milk Soap

Legend’s Creek Farm Goat Milk Soap

Goat milk soap bars tend to be super gentle on all skin types and are ideal for those who have sensitive skin. This bar is made with 100% natural and organic ingredients and never contains fillers, parabens, chemicals, sulfates, or ingredients that are going to irritate your skin. Goat milk in soap is highly beneficial due to it gentle exfoliation and hydration properties. Goat milk is also great for soothing a variety of skin irritations.

8. Southern Natural Lavender Goat Milk Soap Bars

Southern Natural Lavender Goat Milk Soap Bars

Another option for a goat milk bar soap, this brand scents theirs with pure lavender essential oil. Olive oil, coconut oil, and sustainable palm oil are all combined to give this soap is hydration and moisturization properties that will make your skin feel so smooth and soft. The soap is ideal for sensitive and dry skin since it is going to provide so much lush moisture.

The addition of the calming lavender to the oils and goat milk makes the soap even more soothing for skin that is irritated and bothersome. Plus, it is great for both the face and the body, so you only need one simple and cost-effective product!

9. Carolina Castile Soap Bars

Carolina Castle Soap Bars

Long-lasting and triple-milled, this is a castle soap bar that is large, dense, and pure. The soap is silky and lathers and glides across your skin for such a luxurious feel. There are quite a few different uses for this soap bar. They say you can use it as a shampoo, hand soap, body wash, soap for babies, and more. This soap is only made with high-quality natural ingredients and never any harsh chemicals. It is vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free as well.

10. Doana Lemon Soap Bar

Doana Lemon Soap Bar

Sometimes there is nothing more refreshing and enticing than a soap made with lemon and this natural lemon soap bar is the perfect way to go. Not only does lemon smell so good but the lemon seed oil is also wonderful at treating acne and minor skin infections and irritations. Lemon is also good for skin exfoliation and inflammation. Other ingredients in the soap bar like coconut oil olive oil, cottonseed oil, etc., have cleansing and antioxidant benefits that will keep your skin looking glowing and as healthy as possible.

Toxic ingredients in conventional soap bars

Sodium Laureth Sulfate

Also, more commonly known as SLS, this common ingredient is found in all types of soap including bar soaps. SLS is an ingredient in soaps and other products that make the soap foam and suds when you wash your hands. However, this ingredient is linked to a wide variety of issues such as skin irritation and rashes. SLS is also a known human carcinogen.


This ingredient is found in soaps because it is used as an anti-bacterial agent. It also has antifungal properties to help keep the bar of soap fresh and safe. However, triclosan is also a pesticide and impacts the thyroid hormone in humans and is an endocrine disruptor.


By now you have probably heard about parabens and their dangers, but it is still something you need to avoid in your bar so and still remains work mentioning. Parabens are used as a preservative in bar soap. parabens come with plenty of dangers such as disrupting how your hormones function in your body. This is a particular issue for women and parabens have been known to increase your risk of breast cancer.


This extremely toxic ingredient releases formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a dangerous chemical that causes issues like skin irritation and a variety of respiratory issues. It is also a known human carcinogen and an environmental toxin.

1.4 Dioxane

A commonly known eye and respiratory irritant, you will often find this ingredient in soaps. In California, it is listed as one of the most dangerous ingredients in a personal area that you need to avoid this ingredient readily penetrates the skin and can get into your bloodstream very easily.

How to choose the best natural and organic soap bars

There are a lot of simple tips and tricks you can remember for how to choose the best natural and organic soap bars that are safe and healthy for both you and your family.

One of the simplest things you can do is to avoid each of the toxic ingredients we listed above. These are easy to pick out of an ingredient list on the back of a package and you can keep the list on your phone in a note you can refer to when looking for options.

It is also easy to look for a hand soap or soap bar that is USDA certified organic or non-GMO project verified. More often than not, these are indicators of high-quality products that are made with safe, healthy, and natural ingredients. However, you always want to keep in mind that just because a product has beastly bowls, it does not mean it cannot contain unsafe or undesirable ingredients. You always want to take the scan of the ingredient list.

Last but least, it is always a good idea to look for bar soaps that have a minimal ingredient list and all of the ingredients are words you know and can pronounce. Generally, this means the ingredients are going to be safe, natural, and non-toxic. If your ingredient list is beginning to sound like a scientific experiment and you can’t even pronounce the ingredients, this is a definite indication that soap is not natural and contains harmful chemicals.

The fewer ingredients in your soap the better and more natural your soap is going to be.


What are the benefits of bar soap?

There are a few benefits to using bar soap over soap that comes in a bottle. First and foremost, you are going to save a lot of plastic over the course of your lifetime. Bar soaps tend to come in cardboard or other natural forms of packaging and not plastic. You will be throwing away so much less plastic and bar soap is a lot friendlier to the environment.

Another great benefit of bar soap is that you are paying for a product that is much purer, concentrated, and not made with loads of water like with liquid soaps. One of the main ingredients in liquid soaps is water and no one wants to spend their money on a product mostly made from something they have free access to.

Plus, bar soap tends to last so much longer than a bottle of liquid soap does. People tend to use loads of liquid soap and much more than is actually needed for a good clean. With bar soap, people use less of the product and are much less likely to overuse it.

Why Use Organic Soap Bars?

Organic soap bars are a great alternative to the chemical-laden products that we are used to. They are made with natural ingredients and have a lot of benefits for our skin.

We should not think of these organic soap bars as a replacement for the chemical laden products that we are used to. They are just another option for us to try out and see if it works for us.

Organic soap bars have been proven to be beneficial in many ways such as being less harsh on the skin and having fewer chemicals than other soaps.

How Do Organic Soap Bars Work?

Organic soap bars are made from natural ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, and shea butter. These ingredients are combined with other natural ingredients like tea tree oil, lavender oil, and peppermint.

The soap is made by combining these ingredients in a mold. The mixture is then poured into a tray that has been lined with wax paper. The mixture hardens over time and the bars come out of the tray when they are ready to be used.

Do Organic Soap Bars Work?

Organic soap bars are a common household item that many people use to clean their skin. They have been used by many people for centuries and they claim that they work well.

However, there is no scientific evidence to prove the effectiveness of organic soap bars. There are no studies or research on how effective they are in removing dirt and germs from the skin.

Many people believe that organic soap bars work because of the natural ingredients in them but there is no scientific evidence to support this claim.

There is also concern over the use of chemicals in these products and what effect they might have on your skin or health.

Are Organic Soap Bars Safe?

There is a lot of controversy in the health and wellness industry about whether organic soap bars are safe to use. The controversy began when a study found that organic soap bars may contain traces of toxic chemicals.

Organic soap bars are made with natural ingredients, so they have the potential to be a good alternative to conventional soaps. However, many people believe that there is no risk in using them as long as you’re careful about how you use them and what type of soap bar you buy.

Some people argue that organic soap bars are more likely to cause skin irritation than conventional soaps, but this depends on what type of soap bar you’re using and how it’s being used.

Final Thoughts

Overall, there are so many great benefits to using bar soap. Just like with all other products you use on your body you must make sure the soap you are using is made with natural and organic ingredients that are safe and healthy for your body. While bar soap tends to be much better than liquid, most conventional bar soap available can still have a lot of nasty and toxic ingredients in them.

Thankfully, there are so many natural and organic options on the market you can find online and in-store, you are never going to have a shortage of options when it comes to picking something that will work best for you and your skin.

A great way to get started is to try out one of the above 10 best natural and organic soaps! If you decide to try 1, let us know what you think in the comments below.

This article was last updated on May 9, 2024 .

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