Bubble & Bee Organic Certified Face Cream Review

Bubble & Bee Organic Certified Organic Face Cream

Bubble and Bee is an organic and natural skin care company that focuses on making healthy, wholesome, and organic skin care products that are safe and gentle on sensitive skin. The founder, Stephanie Greenwood learned about all of the chemicals lurking in skin care products and decided to begin making her own products that lived up to her safety and purity standards. After years of hard works, Bubble and Bee Organics was born!

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Bubble & Bee Organic

Finding a certified organic face cream is no easy feat. Thankfully, Bubble & Bee makes an amazing organic face cream with the healthiest of ingredients that are gentle on your skin and on your body as a whole.

In fact, this face cream is about as clean and minimal as it can get with only three simple and healthy ingredients: organic shea butter, organic rosehip seed oil, and vitamin E. There is absolutely no bad stuff in this cream ever!

There are so many benefits to using this cream despite the super short list of clean ingredients. The cream is gluten-free, which is great if you have a gluten sensitivity or just like to avoid gluten as much as possible. It is sensitive skin friendly and works on almost any skin type including oily, dry, or combination skin.

This cream is also totally vegan and there is never any animal testing just like the rest of their awesome products. The cream is non-comedogenic and you only need to use a very small amount at a time since the cream is so rich and thick. That means the cream is a great value and will last you so much longer than other natural creams that you need to use more of.

Bubble & Bee Organic Certified Organic Face Cream

The face cream is meant to help hydrate the skin naturally, so your skin can look plumper and younger in no time. Organic shea butter is chock-full of vitamins A, E, and F that help to protect your skin from damage. Shea butter has been used on human skin for thousands of years as a protective layer between your sensitive skin and environmental damage.

Vitamin A and E help soothe skin, but also nourish your skin because it helps produce collagen naturally. The less common vitamin F contains ultra-powerful essential fatty acids to protect your skin, but also help repair already damages skin. However, the most important part about this ingredient is they do not use shea butter that has been chemically treated with bleach or refined in any way.

This ensures your skin is getting the most nutrients from the shea butter as possible. The shea butter simply goes through a less intensive purification process that draws out harmful impurities but leaves the nutrients that are most important for the skin.

Organic rosehip seed oil also contains very high levels of vitamin F, A, and E as well. Although some people believe that rosehip is an essential oil, it is actually categorized as vegetable oil. This oil helps to prevent wrinkles and improve the look of already formed wrinkles.

It can also help age spots, scarring from ace, and keep your skin looking glowy and dewy at all times. They source the oil from the Chilean mountains where unadulterated wild roses grow. The rose bloom, the petals fall off the flowers, and the rose hip is the only element of the rose left. That hip contains tons of itty bitty seeds and can be cold-pressed for an amazing nutrient-dense oil.

In order to keep this powerful face cream fresh, non-GMO, vacuum distilled, and safe vitamin E is added to extend its shelf-life and prevent harmful bacteria from growing. In fact, the cream will stay safe and fresh for 9 months after opening the jar!


We love the fact that this face cream is so pure and high-quality, but the price is relatively reasonable compared to many other organic and natural face creams on the market. Coupled with the fact that you only need to use such a small amount on your face at a time, this is easily the most budget-friendly organic cream you can buy.

For the extra dry spots on your face, you can easily add a little bit more of the cream multiple times during the day to make sure you are healing those stubborn spots and dry skin does not continue to re-appear throughout the day. They also recommend that if you are looking for added hydration, you can add a spritz of their organic lime facial toner to look in even more hydration. If you prefer, you can even make your own facial toner at home for a fraction of the cost!

This article was last updated on May 6, 2022 .

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