How To Naturally Exfoliate Dry Skin (4 Ways)

Naturally Exfoliate Dry Skin

There is a ton of different ways to naturally and effectively exfoliate dry skin. From dry brushes to sugar scrubs to washcloths and steam treatments, there is a exfoliation routine to fit everyone’s needs and lifestyle.

Skin and body exfoliation is important because it removes the dry and dead skin cells from the skin, which clogs pores. Once you remove this layer of dead ski, the new and healthy skin will appear healthy, radiant, and smooth.

Key Points:

• Exfoliation removes the dead and dry skin cells from the outer layer on skin.
• Exfoliation makes your skin look healthier and more radiant.
• As we age, the body has a harder time shedding those dead skin cells, so more frequent exfoliation becomes more important.
• There is a multitude of different natural ways to exfoliate your skin at home.
• Exfoliation is easy, effective, and cheap.
• Do not over exfoliate your skin. A few times a month is enough.

4 Ways to Naturally Exfoliate Dry Skin:

1. Make a homemade sugar scrub with ingredients right from your own kitchen.

Combine 2 parts of sugar (any kind of sugar will work) and 1 part of olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, and almond oil are all great options. Mix together and rub a small amount over the body parts you wish to exfoliate. Wash away with warm water, pat dry, and put on your favorite oil or moisturizer.

2. Honey is another great option you likely already have in your home.

Squeeze honey in hand and rub the honey over face and/or body for a minute or so. The honey attracts moisture to the skin, which will soften up those dead skin cells. When done, rinse with warm water.

3. Baking soda isn’t only for cakes and cookies!

Make a baking soda paste to exfoliate you skin. Take 2 parts of baking soda to one part of filtered water and mix together into a thick paste, rub on skin for 30-45 seconds and wash away with warm water. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to seek another way to exfoliate, as baking soda can be a bit harsher than other options.

4. Dry brushing is a great way to exfoliate your whole body, but refrain from doing your face.

Dry brushing is the act of taking a natural bristle body brush and gently running the dry brush over the skin in long upward strokes. This loosens up the dead skin cells and allows them to fall off the skin. It is best to do this before you get in the shower so you can wash off the dry skin easier. When you get out of the shower, use you favorite body lotion.

This article was last updated on May 6, 2022 .

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